Newbie question: how do I create my own template?

Greetings. I’m considering using RapidWeaver to redo a site that is in WordPress. I want to keep the general look and feel of the current site. None of the supplied templates look like what I want (no surprise there).

I’ve been reading through the manual, even joined the community to look at add-ons, and I’m stumped about how I could create my own template if none of the supplied templates have the right mix of headings and so on. Clues are greatly appreciated!

You might look into tools like Foundry, UIKit, Foundation, Source etc. These frameworks allow you to build a page layout modularly from a blank page. Essentially it is like building your own template or theme but much easier. These tools are all found on the community site. Give them a look.

Just for some disclosure— I’m the developer for Foundry, but all of these frameworks will allow you to do what you’re looking to do I believe.


I completely agree with @Elixir. Not only creating your own template in a framework is easier than making your own theme. Also any consecutive adjustments/edits are so much easier.

Thanks, this is all helpful! I’ll look into the frameworks.

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