How to make a Homepage like this one?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I am using RapidWeaver for my own website from a couple of years, I am currently using the following theme: “Endeavour” by Michael David Design.
I am now in the process of updating the style of my website and it is a couple of weeks I am looking on how to make a homepage like this one (Made with Squarespace):

Can anyone help? Any particular theme to suggest, or can I make it myself?

Thanks in advance.

Any of the blank themes will allow you to do this;
UI Kit
and there are many others. They come with stacks as well as the blank theme. I would recommend Foundation, but that is the only one I really ever used.

If you search the RapidWeaver community page, you can get more information on them.

Good luck.

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As zeebe points out any of the blank (framework type) themes mentioned will work (I personally use Foundation as well…don’t know much about the others…though Source looks interesting). I thought I would mention that there are plenty of “projects” for each of the themes mentioned above that might give you a leg up on any learning curves. The projects essentially being RW files that someone has already laid out using the above mentioned themes and various stacks. is one such place they have project files that utilize Foundation, Foundry, and Source I believe. Here’s another There are plenty about…just search rapidweaver foundation project files (or Foundry, Source etc). If you’re new to using these blank themes purchasing a pre-designed project file might be worth while, and allows one to easily reverse engineer things and tweak the layouts as needed.

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I’m curious as to what part of the “homepage” you like? Is it the “landing page” then have to press a button to enter? Or is is the page behind the “Splash” page.


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