🎉 Newsletter Hosting now available (w/ discount for clients too)!

Hi friends,

I’ve been talking about this for a little while, but I’m happy to announce that it’s finally here. You can now use Chillidog for all of your email marketing services. Powered by Sendy, Chillidog makes it simple and easy to send email marketing newsletters to your clients. We will take the grunt work out of the email hosting set up, maintenance and blacklists. You’ll just have to work on writing content and building your email lists! If you’re a Chillidog Hosting subscriber, you’ll also save 18% off of our Newsletter service. Simply contact us!

Our initial offering is 5000 emails per month for only $7.95/month. This means that no matter how many contacts you have, you can send 5000 messages a month. For example, you can send 1000 contacts 5 messages per month or divide up your 10,000 contacts into a smaller segment. Larger plans are coming soon. Please contact us with what your requirements are!

How do I build my Newsletters? With RapidWeaver, of course! I use @joeworkman Email Stack

Your top dog,



Track your campaign performance with detailed reports. Metrics such as open rates, click throughs, and unsubscribes will tell you the effectiveness of your newsletter.

Drip Marketing (Autoresponders)

Drip Email marketing is a very effective strategy for converting users. Remind users about your awesome products and services by automatically send emails to new subscribers based when they sign up, on their anniversary, etc.


Develop your brand’s newsletter then re-use it in future newsletters. Don’t waste time re-designing the wheel. Write content and grow your business instead!


This looks nice Greg, can you point me to more detailed info on drip marketing options. Is there a tagging feature?

Hi @swilliam

by tagging do you mean segmentation? yes, you can segment your lists

couple of screenshots below for a test list for autoresponders (drip email)


Nice work, Greg! At that price, it’s a steal.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

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