🎉 New Plans, Pricing and more!

Hi Friends,

We’ve finally done it, we’ve launched a new site with new plans and services. Our new plans feature:

  • More disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth options
  • Yearly discount options

As always, they also include:

  • Free SSL on every domain and sub-domain
  • Email
  • Friendly support/WOOF from @LaPan and myself

We also now have a dedicated page for our Newsletter Service which we hope everyone finds to be an attractive alternative to the big names or having to host and manage your own.

I hope everyone likes it, and, as always, let us know if we can help.

Your top dog,



At the bottom of your newsletter sales page you have signup form to “Stay Updated” is this part of the Newsletter service?

Build a list?
Create a newsletter?
Process responses?


You are the best GREG.

Sunny Puerto Rico

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Hi @Flash

Yes you can use @joeworkman PostOffice Stack with the newsletter service.

Yes you can build a list and create/send a newsletter to the list. What do you mean by “process responses”? Yes, the service automatically handles bounces and unsubscribes for you. It also features double opt-in support so users have to confirm their subscription (for GDPR).

Additionally, what do you mean by “filtering”?



By processing I’m simply meant answering.

By filtering you already answered that.

Is there a script/form available so we don’t have to use stacks? I’d like to use just plain Rapidweaver themes.


Yes, an un-styled HTML version is available for your own customization/personalization

Let me know if you have any more questions!


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Greg -

I see your plans have unlimited email ACCOUNTS, but I assume the total of all of the accounts must then be below the total GB for each plan? Is there a way to buy more SPACE or do you recommend adding the Chilimail in that situation?

@jthawke depends on user/situation/needs. it’s a good question. feel free to open a support ticket. we’d be happy to advise.


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very nice site Greg!


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