Next Premium Foundation TotalCMS project: THE BAND

The Band Project is based on the Photostories projects, but with specific enhanced features. Add your tour dates and information about the location in a blog page. Upload your photos, your music and video. Start to blog your band life. This is your easy solution for your band website and starting a band blog. Easy gallery stack setup. You can choose if you own Gallery 3 Stack by inStacks or Photo by Nick Cates.

You are able to change every key content of your website online, without the use of RapidWeaver. Blog from your Smartphone. Upload images and add the next tour dates on travel. Change EVERY aspect of this project on your own in RapidWeaver.

The data are yours. No database setup required. Upload to your webspace and blog. It was never be so easy.

###The Key Features

  • New quick setup!
  • Upload, setup and start to blog
  • Amazing design
  • TotalCMS and TotalBlog integration
  • Gallery 3 Stack by inStacks or Photo by Nick Cates supported
  • Beautiful Hero Pages
  • Automatic image resizing and compression
  • Foundation based - Future safe
  • Fully responsive
  • CMS managed HTML5 MP3 player (up to 10 Tracks ready)
  • Tour Dates Blog and Banner
  • Text Banner Creator integrated or use your own Logo
  • Footer text setup.

Try it out!


I made a video on youtube. You can see the website usage and the admin part of the project.

Happy Weaving

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