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I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an RW theme that would work well for a musician or band’s website. Audio, video, images, that sort of thing. Along with sprucing up my own website, I’ve got some musician friends who I would like to help out with their sites. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing what’s out there.

Not a theme but a Foundation project:
The Band


I don’t know of any theme specifically designed for bands - apart from Jochen’s excellent project - but I think you could turn all sorts of themes into sites suitable for musicians.

Here are a few examples.

Nick Cates’ Strata theme - Fraser Nimmo
Multi themes’ Creative Tape - The Alter Eagles
BLT’s Euphonic theme - The Dylan Project
Multi themes’ Duo theme - Hove House Concerts


Wow, impressive project. Thanks for letting me know about it, I’ll check it out.

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Thanks, these are great examples. I’ll explore further.

Thanks. Please let me know if you have further questions.