New Foundation / TotalCMS site launch

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new Foundation site:
This site makes extensive use of TotalCMS’s blog, in fact the site has 2 instances of the blog, one doing the traditional news like feed and the 2nd doing something quite special with the projects.
Along with TotalCMS I’ve used FontPro, Impact, SectionsPro, HeaderPro, ParagraphPro, Maps2, Parallax, PeekABoo,PageSafe, ShareIt and some very special secret sauce from BigWhiteDuck.
The admin pages (yes plural) are just as styled as the public pages and I’ll put up some screenshots of them shortly.

Let me know what you think and especially if you see something that needs changing :slight_smile:


First: provide a valid link :slight_smile: the link does not work at least for me here (server could not be found)

Its working fine for others, not sure why you couldn’t/cant get to it

The link works for me.

It works now. Beautiful site. How did you do the animations?

The menu nav items do not work on my iPad. I can tab them and they change color but do not lead to the other site.

To change: The slider for the projects - I think the images change too fast, so I can not really enjoy them.

The social media icons are very bad to see and thus to actually use. Could you default them to orange?

Great site @PaulRussam amazing what can be made with RapidWeaver now a days. Just awesome.

The menu on touch devices should now work
The previous inaccessibility problem was my own stupidity as I’d left cloudflare on when publishing the site … durrrr
The header Impact slider is intentionally dark as I want people to explore further rather than just stop at the 1st page.
I agree about the social links at the bottom of the menu, I’ll revisit them.
The animations are straight BWD SectionsPro

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Nav works :slight_smile:

I bet that was a lot of work. It looks very good.

I’ve completely killed CloudFlare on the site, I think I initially set it up wrong and then compounded my problems by turning it on/off/pause/resume etc etc.
With luck the undoing of my stupidity will propagate around the interweb soon and normal service will be resumed.

Sorry if it’s caused you any problems

How did you realize the automated scroll effect in ‘latest news’?

friggin’ beautiful, mate!

The automated scroll is part of the BWD secret sauce :slight_smile:

There’s still some delay with the DNS propagating due to my CloudFlare stupidity so not everyone is seeing the site yet :rage:

And you won’t lift the secret…?

A BWD animation stack?

@apfelpuree Hi Michael, you can build automated scroll with StackSlider


Lovely looking site Paul. One small thought - the main text font weight is quite heavy, even on a high res retina screen.

The lighter font you have used on the menu rollover, may work nicely give the site a slightly lighter, more spacious and less text heavy feel? The menu font could then go heavier on rollover to provide emphasis.

Just a thought…


Hi there - a suggestion: get rid of the hyphenation on the home page. It doesn’t help the readability at all… just my 2 cents :slight_smile: cheers, Stephen.

It’s funny how just after you publish a ‘finished’ site you start finding lots of things to change :rolling_eyes:
I’ve changed lots of small things in many places including removing the hyphenation from the body text, thanks for all your input.