Nick Cates 'Depth' parallax scrolling issues with new Safari release

The test certainly works fine for me. Just hope Nick is still around!

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Hopefully so.

I’ve pushed out some updates for Foundry and Potion Pack with more robust solutions:

Just an update on this thread – while I wrote a custom modification for my stacks to fix this Safari v14 problem, the developer of the javascript library used in Depth and my stacks has issued an update that they say is supposed to fix this problem as well.

I’ll be sticking with mine for the foreseeable future since it works completely fine as-is, but this updated javascript library might be of use to Nick to quickly fix the issue in Depth.


Thanks for the update. Sadly still no news from Nick. Interestingly there is absolutely nothing on any of his new business social media platforms since early July.

Perhaps something is going on outside of work. You never know. In the past Nick has always been reliable, so I’d give him the benefit of the doubt for now.


Absolutely - have never had any complaints about his work or support. For now I’ve just turned parallaxing off - not the end of the world, the other animations work fine. Just a bit tricky if your clients like the effect!

Sorry miss type

Hey guys, wanted to make a few points, but first, the quick fix, turn Depth Section Parallax to “0” effectively turning it off. Safari updates introduce bugs from time to time, this is not an issue with Depth’s coding - as all other browsers render parallax correctly at this time.

I want to restate the importance of moving/transitioning to RapidWeaver developers that are active (and healthy) in the market, like Joe Workman and Elixir Graphics.

Nick Cates Design is unequivocally out of the RapidWeaver market, product updates ceased months ago, for all products. All linking to my products were removed months ago as well. While my products should work fine long into the future, I don’t want to set false expectations that future bugs will be fixed, they will not.

I tried to end my Rapidweaver production in a way that was respectful of the RW community, by promoting other great RW developers. Posting my products for free on github harms other developers, as well as passing my products to another developer. No option is ideal in all honesty. I wish the best of luck to this community of great folks - long into the future!


@manofdogz - -I think it was you that sent me a project file a while back. I’ve since deleted that as I didn’t think I needed it any longer. If you can resend that to me for testing I’ll try to make a fix for the javascript library in Depth.

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Hey there everyone – @teefers Helped me out with some samples. I have a fixed version of Depth that I can offer people who are having a problem with parallax in Depth due to the Safari v14 update.

Unfortunately I cannot push the update out to everyone though, as that would require @nickcates to do that on his end. I can provide you with a fixed stack though. If you email me I can provide you the fixed stack.

Don’t think that this is a free ride though. You can’t email me in the hopes of getting a full free version of Depth. I will not be providing the entire Depth package. I’ll only be providing part of the package that has the update. You will already need to own Depth in order for this to be any good to you at all.

Note: Since this isn’t my product I won’t be supporting it further than just providing this updated version. I hope that you can understand why.

When you send your email, make sure your email subject line reads “Depth Update Request.” I will get back to people as soon as possible, but please understand that my regular support and work comes first. My email address is adam at elixirgraphics dot com


Pretty straight forward reply from one of the best RW developers we had for many years. There are plenty of ghost developers who have been dormant for many years, yet still are selling their work (some which are still plugged here at RealMac).

You threaded the needle as best you could and can’t be expected to update your legacy products forever. Kudos to Adam for stepping up and providing the fix too. I have noticed there there seems to be a tendency for complaining, whether it is quibbling over pricing, or for technical fixes and customer support. Most of the developers are smaller shop operations who are doing the best they can, and I am thankful for those we have left, as well as the ones we have lost over the years.


Adam: I had 63 instances of the Depth product, scattered across almost every page in my main client’s site. Your update to the Depth stack has restored the behavior expected of the parallax feature. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Not a problem @YankeeLaker. I’m glad to help, and I’m glad you’re not left stuck with it the way it was. That Safari bug was a real pain in the butt.


Many thanks to Adam, it works perfectly !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Huge thumbs up to @Elixir. Updated 5 client sites and all back to normal. Very grateful for your help.


This is amazing, Adam.


Hi Adam
Would you mind letting me have a copy of the fixed Depth version. I have been waiting for Apple to produce a bug fix but looks like I will waiting for a long time.

maybe best to email:

When you send your email, make sure your email subject line reads “Depth Update Request.” I will get back to people as soon as possible, but please understand that my regular support and work comes first. My email address is adam at elixirgraphics dot com

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Good morning @Roy

Just follow the instructions in my above post and I’ll be glad to help you. I just sent out about a dozen this morning.

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