Parallax Static BG jumpy in Safari

Just doing my first attempts with Joe Workman’s Parallax Stack. Added a quick Cover Body image as a static bg (Parallax Speed =0%) and I notice that in Safari the background is very jumpy. Seems ok in Firefox and Chrome though.

Anybody have any thoughts as to why this is the case or if there’s anything I can do about it? Thanks.

The snow kind of jerks into view at first for me on Safari but then settles down just fine. The other backgrounds are OK from the start.


Thanks Rob,

My problem is not with the snow but with the locked background image which actually jitters when I scroll. But I think it might be some odd thing with my mouse because I’ve tried it on other machines and it looks okay.

Just weird that I only see this jitter on Safari.

Oh well. Thanks again.

The snow is sucking processor clock cycles llike it has a bad habit (or at least it feels tha way).
I’d try th e page without the snow and see how it performs.


You’re exactly right Paul. With the snow and the Parallax I get jumpiness in Safari. If I take the snow out it seems to work fine. Odd though that it was only Safari that choked on it.


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