Nick Cates Depth Parallax still not working

Hi. I searched for this because I didn’t want to repeat previous discussions, but the one I found is closed. I have updated to Big Sur. Safari is version 14.0.1 - still no good.
Is this an Apple/Safari bug? Has it been reported? Many thanks in advance.

Adam (@Elixir) had a temporary fix, then @joeworkman took over @nickcates stuff.

Joe said he’s NOT updating depth stacks or any of the themes.

So unless something changes I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

I don’t think It’s a Safari problem, but had something to do with a library that needs updating.

Anyway I think if you’re looking for Parallax to work you might need to look elsewhere.


Thanks Doug. It’s a shame Nick doesn’t fix it because he really pushed Depth which is the reason I bought it. Is Adam @Elixir happy to share his fix? :pray:t2:

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I cannot offer the free fix any longer now that the product is owned by Joe. I had express permission from Nick before, but he’s no longer the owner.

I’d encourage you to post if the thread linked above and talk to Joe about it.

@joeworkman can you please give @Elixir permission to pass on to me the Depth fix.

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Let’s be clear, I’m not distributing my fixes. The project is active and owned by someone. I am not going to step in and distribute a different version of someone’s intellectual material that they have rights to. You’ll need to work with the owner, which is Joe, to get the product he owns working for you. I am sorry its just not my place. Hope you can understand.


Ok, thanks you.

@joeworkman as I understand it, you now own Depth. There is a fundamental issue stopping the main feature for which I bought the product. I bought it in good faith; it was not cheap for a non-professional. It seems as though there is a fix, so could you please assist if you are the owner.

If the original fix which is no longer available through other channels, is a good fix and does not compromise the stability of the software, then can you please send it to me.

Many thanks.

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I agree with you 100% on this. Unfortunately, Nick left us with no support for his premiere product.

It’s a shame that Joe, who is now the owner of Nicks Rapidweaver lineup, has chosen not to support Depth.

Nick also had some very popular themes that are going to become obsolete over time.

Unless Joe changes his mind, it might be better to look elsewhere for the what you are looking for.


I asked about taking over the themes and continuing to provide customers with support and free updates. Just like I did for all the Henk Vrieselaar and Nimblehost themes, which I’m of the opinion has worked very well. But I didn’t get a reply.


@joeworkman as you have taken over this and a fix is available, please could you assist with this. I appreciate you may not want to support Depth per se, but for this one item which is fundamental, it would be gracious to supply this one thing.

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I have a lot of Nick’s themes and I would be very happy if Will picks them up. For us it would really be the best thing. Too bad Nick doesn’t seem to care much …


Bless you! As a pretty basic user, where do I insert this code please?

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In the left RW menu panel, “Code”, then “CSS”.

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Many thanks. I have put I the CDD code:-

.depth_image.jarallax { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; }
depth_image.jarallax { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; }
.depth_image.parallax { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; }
depth_image.parallax { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; }

but none work. Just to confirm, thesis when Parallax has a value of over 1, when scrolling the screen up, the image goes grey?

I don’t know if that patch has been tested?

If you have a URL to a page perhaps someone can check the classname for you.

From Nick’s original post:

turn Depth Section Parallax to “0” effectively turning it off.

I know that’s not what you wanted to here.


That’s painful to hear. Many of Nicks themes are part of the RW heritage and there would have been no fitter custodian for them. That you didn’t even get a reply is reprehensible.

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Is this why there’s no fix?

I hadn’t seen that, was that an email?

My guess is that is the case. @joeworkman has been tagged multiple times on this post and hasn’t replied. He has replied to other posts.

My guess would be he is killing Depth and Nick’s themes since they are competing for products. That would be A shame especially since other developers we’re willing to purchase the product line.

This is the kind of thing that hurts RapidWeavers’ reputation, in turn, that keeps new people from giving RapidWeaver a try. It’s unfortunate but the RapidWeaver community is a “buyer beware” environment. You can purchase an expensive addon and have it not work and or support disappear without warning.

Another recent post asked the question “Do RapidWeaver developers charge enough?”. Well, Nick’s products were probably some of the most expensive and see what happened. You want to keep RapidWeaver developers around, you need to grow the number of people using it. You don’t grow a product in a competitive environment like website development by charging more or creating a poor reputation where prospective new users are worried about being ripped off.


Well said Doug. Yes, I feel well and truly ripped off by all those involved. Such a petty thing and it’s damning, at least from my point of view, for goodwill. I certainly won’t be doing business with them.
And what a poor offer of 20% discount. As Depth has been taken over, if Foundation had been offered for free or even 75% off the price, just think of the goodwill and continued custom.
I don’t know how many customers of Rapidweaver are like me, but I’m not a professional - I don’t have a business. And since iWeb was discontinued, I’ve spent a fortune on RW, it’s add ins, their upgrades and around $220 on Nick’s Themes. Depth was promised as the best thing since sliced bread. I went along with it and now look where we are.
The Foundation 6 is advertised as being amazing and I have to say it looked tempting. But there’s no way I will now purchase it.

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