Nick Cates: Project Depth

Always keen to see something new from Nick Cates and this looks very interesting - he’s been hard at work in recent times! There is sooooo much choice in the Rapidweaver world these days:


Anybody using this that can report back on how useful this would be to have in the toolbox and use case scenarios?

It’s only a few hours old. I think I’m going to give it a try this weekend.

I’d imagine the use case is that you can build polished layouts quickly. Seems like maybe a bridge between freeform frameworks (like Foundation) and templated themes, but that’s just my first impression.

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Nick, I’m loving the look of Depth!

In your demo site, you have a “recent blog post” section…does this integrate with a CMS? (e.g. Total CMS)

Robb/Nick, do you know if we can we use Total CMS macros with the Depth stack?

@nickcates @zeebe

No clue, do not have the stack to try.

Yes, CMS macros work. The background images don’t currently support using CMS images, as far as I can tell. So maybe a feature request to include warehousing as an option for background images in a future update, @nickcates?


+1 for warehousing

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I do have the stacks, confirm they do work with TCMS/ECMS macros.

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Adding background warehouse support in Depth 1.0.1 update.

I’m gathering a handful of user requests at the moment, and should have an update by the end of next week.


Thanks for checking, @zeebe !

I see in the Depth stack how I can switch the content to Stacks.

Am wondering on the formatted sections the best way to keep the formatting (ornaments, text, etc), but integrate with GO CMS?

Sorry bit off topic…just bought Depth but still waiting for the download link 3 hours and counting…hope you might see this @nickcates

I’m traveling right now, but can you provide me your invoice number and I’ll see what I can do

@nickcates Hi Nick I didn’t get the invoice number as all I got was a 'Thank you" your download and invoice will be emailed soon! The credit card payment went through.

This was now 8 hours ago! It shows up in my ‘find order’ - so have pressed ‘send email link’ twice. And asked for ‘send order history’ once. Still absolutely nothing has come through on my email

Really hope you can help. Can pm my email address if that would help

For reasons I’m not sure, my cart system is unable to successfully deliever emails to your email address. I’ve sent you a download link in response to your first support email.

Hi Nick, Am having a ‘me too’ experience here. Made purchase about 10.5 hrs ago. Same symptoms as Wendy described. Thanks for looking into this.

@nickcates I managed to get the download links and did manage also to download. All is good.

Is anyone having performance issues when using Depth in RW? No issues on the published site, just in RW edit and publish modes. I have a 5k iMac with pretty decent specs, but I’m getting the beach ball a bunch.

Yeah, I find that RW works slowly when I’m using Depth…there’s definitely some lag on my machine

Same here SLOW, also after purchase needed to go to nick’s order lookup to download…