Nick Cates: Project Depth

(Nick Cates) #21

On performance, Depth requires a LOT of processing of the Stacks plugin. The more Depth sections on a page, the more processing required. I recommend closing out all other apps, when using RapidWeaver and Stacks with Depth.

(Nick Cates) #22

I will work with Isaiah, the developer of Stacks, to see what can improve performance as well

(Chet) #23

It seems to help when I turned parallax down to 0.

I’m finishing up my first site… the end product is as promised!

I’ll try closing out the other apps (and skipping Time Machine backups).

(Tomas Jakobs) #24

I love the theme and just released a web:
Though I had to “patch” it to get rid of Google Fonts and S3 Amazon Social Icons 3rd party links (and trackers) in order to keep GDPR compliance.

(Neil Egginton) #25

The site looks great, nice job.

How did you “patch” it to get rid of Google fonts? I’ve got Depth, but haven’t got round to playing with it yet, but I’ll need to get rid of Google fonts too.

(Tomas Jakobs) #26

You have to publish to a local folder and seach & replace all occurences of google servers, replacing it with your own CSS file which links to your downloaded WOFF and TTF Font Files files. I am using Coda coz it can search in folders. But it’s annoying to do these steps after each update… I wish RW could improve this handling in future releases.

(Doug Stansfield) #27

Hey @nickcates … could you add a feature that would take parallax to zero (0) as a default? Right now you have to change it in every section…and as you know you have lots of them!


(Nick Cates) #28

Hello Depth family! Depth 1.0.1 is out, customer feedback heard, and implemented! I’ve sent out update emails to all Depth customers, if you did not receive that email, use Order Lookup here:

This should address the speed performance issues a handful have experienced, as well as Depth userbase feature suggestions!

(Nick Cates) #29

Just released Depth 1.0.1, but for the next 1.0.2 update, I’ll see if I can add a disable parallax setting in the Depth Base.

(Nick Cates) #30

If anyone continues to experience long hanging issues in RapidWeaver after updating to 1.0.1, please let me know!

(Chet) #31

1.0.1 fixed it all for me!

(Dan M) #32

@nickcates thanks for a great theme/stack layout thingy :grinning: to add to the Rapidweaver tool box. Great start and an awesome looking product IMHO. Question. Has anyone had success with getting modal/full page lightbox windows working within Depth? I’ve purchased Depth and am getting all sorts of glitches with the usual suspects (Foundation stacks, JW Glider, JW Call to Action, Elixer’s Focus stack etc). Any thoughts? Or better yet success getting these to work.

(Nick Cates) #33

Shoot me an email, and provide a single page project file demonstrating the issue, along with a copy of the stack your using on the page. I’ll test from there. Thanks!

(Annette) #34

I love depth :grinning: Purchased it 1 week ago and since than, I‘m crazy with updating my 8 years old RW Site (built with Theme Gallery from Elixir). So many opportunities to deal with … and the design is outstanding. Thanks, Nick :+1:

(Nick Cates) #35

Thanks Annette for the kind feedback! Would be able to copy/paste your comment as a short Depth review, and hit the “like” button on the RapidWeaver Community? It really helps me out!

(Annette) #36

Of course, that‘s a great idea :grinning:
Little question … any idea for an image slider in depth, which fits to all mobile devices? I puzzled around the whole evening, but did not come to a conclusion. Tried Orbit … but it‘s several years old, I think.

(leigh) #37

Have to second this - Depth is a huge help. Got better feed back about a site than any other today. Obviously i took the glory :slight_smile: but we all know how much the developers are appreciated .

(Annette) #38

Of course, that‘s a great idea, Nick :grinning:

Lot of fun with creating my new site … but many sleepless nights too :rofl:

(LJ) #39

Can’t see any issues with Orbit being a few years old? It’s a good slider and works well responsively.

(Annette) #40

Perhaps I have to change the Image Sizes? It fits well on iPhone, Mac and iPad Landscape. But not on iPad Portrait