Nick Cates: Project Depth

(LJ) #41

Can’t say I’ve seen this issue. Take a look at the Orbit demo pages on an iPad and see if that’s OK

(Nick Cates) #42

SuperFlex 3 is my go-to slider solution:

(Barbara Rose) #43

Just wondering If anyone has tried some form of pop over text within the depth sections ?
I just downloaded PopDrop from BWD and trying to get my head around how to use it within project depth.
I want to be able for people to click on a word ie, “grief” and get a definition or explanation as a popover content.
Has anyone successfully done this within the pre-defined depth sections?

(Jason Bostick) #44

I had some limited success doing this. You need (or at least I needed to in my tests) to write HTML in the depth text field in order for it to work. Doing it via the link dialogue box didn’t work for me.
I’m attaching a screenshot from a previous support ticket/discussion but I haven’t explored in much detail

(Barbara Rose) #45

Thank you Jason for your input. That is helpful experimentation. I can’t see the entire code you wrote in the “Sub Text” section. Would you mind posting this code snippet?