No access from various machines to the web site

Recently, a strange issu appeared for some of my club-friends which were no more able to accede our photo club web site. They are getting the text but not the pictures. Independently to the platform (Mac, PC, smartphone - mostly Samsung). What is strange, this doesn’t happen for all, but only for someones.

An example: 2 Samsung smartphones side by side are getting no issue for one and issue for the other. They were not the same IP and didn’t have the same connection speed (the slower has issue). However the guy having the issue reported that at home, with a fast wifi, he experiences the same access issue for iPad and MacBook Pro.

I think this should come from the individual platforms and not from the hosting server. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear evidence for this.

Did you already experience a similar issue ? Do you think the last version of RW might introduce some code which is not compatible with some browser versions?

I would appreciate your feedback.
web page address here

I visited your site from your link and the pictures showed up fine. Then I tried adding ‘https’ to the URL and the images didn’t show up (with a handful of errors in the browser inspector). So maybe the SSL certificate is not configured properly?


Great, it seems to be the origin of “broken photos”.
We don’t use this site for any commercial purpose - is the SSL certificate necessary?
Our hosting company proposes this service for $9-$30. There is also a CloudFlare proposing this service for free.

What’s your opinion which we should go for: a paying or free service - or nothing, saying not to use the https ?

Cloudflare is free, I would go that route. It’s not just the personal vs commercial, it’s partly the scrutiny that browsers are putting on non-secure sites more and more (especially if you were to have a contact form or something on there). But no need to pay a yearly fee for it, especially for your purposes.

One other important consideration if you do go the SSL route - if some of your photos / fonts / resources are coming from elsewhere, make sure they’re originating from a secure URL so that the browser doesn’t flag those.

Also, if you choose to do neither and keet it ‘non-secure’, than you can put in a rule in your htaccess file to force all traffic to the non-secure site. I believe there are posts on how to do that in the forum (or google) as I don’t know off the top of my head

My hosting company attests the SSL is already active (default parameter). Their cPannel is not so comprehensible for this topic, but I believe some help from their side.

However, my questions is if there is something else to configure in the RW excepting the General setting where I changed the web address from to Unfortunately this doesn’t fix my issue.

I just clicked your https link and all the images seem to be showing up for me now… I’m on my phone though (was on desktop before) so I can check when I get back home

yes, it seems to be fixed… I have passed through several options in the cPannel and just added the https address to the hotlink …
I’m waiting for the confirmation from my hosting company if there is something else to do

Anyway, many thanks for your answer which put me directly on the good way :slight_smile:

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Just to close this topic: the cause of this issue was a not complete SSL configuration at the hosting cPannel. Thanks to Jason for pointed out the https.

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