Double thumb image mystery

(Tom Murray) #1

After changing nameservers to cloudflare to get an SSL cert I have had publishing issues.
Notice the attachment showing double thumbs on a photo album page.
(The first link contains www the second link does not)

I see the issue if I access the page this way:

From here, without the www, the page is correct:

I have cleared the cache in all the browsers.
I can bring back the effect by adding www.

Changing the publishing settings in RW to www or not makes no difference.
It is only happening on the one page that I have published changes to.

Adding to my confusion, when I check in, the page loads correctly.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

There are so many images on the first link. Either there aren’t any duplicates, or I don’t see them :wink:

(Tom Murray) #3

Are you seeing a www in the address of the first link?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #4

Yes I do.

(Doug Bennett) #5

I see the same thing, so many images but no obvious duplicates.

Perhaps you can give a screenshot or something that points out what you’re saying.

BTW: you should get rid of either the www or non-www with 301 redirects. Having both search engines will treat as duplicates. You also have both https and http. Those need redirects as well.

(Tom Murray) #6

The screen shot is in my first post.
You are probably seeing the correct page even using www, as confirmed by browser and a guy at Godaddy.
For some reason, on my end I see dupes when using www.
And I can toggle back and forth seeing the issue by adding or subtracting www.

This all started after initiating cloudflare.
I don’t know about the redirects. I followed the RW tutorial about SSL/cloudflare.
The page rule on cloudflare is seen in the attachment here:

(Doug Bennett) #7

I don’t see the dups.

Since you are using CloudFlare did you purge the cached files?

Your page rule above works only with WWW. comes up Not Secure.

If you want WWW then you can setup a redirect either with CloudFlare’s rules or with an htaccess file rule.

(Tom Murray) #8

So what would a second cloudflare rule different from the rule in my screenshot look like?

BTW clicking on Publishing>Edit .htaccess File crashes RW8

Edit: Yes I did purge.

(Doug Bennett) #9

I don’t use CloudFlare much anymoreand not this kinda stuff (redirects or SSL), but something like this:*

to destination URL:$1

More info:

(Tom Murray) #10

“Purge Everything” from cloudflare, then emptying the cache on my browsers has fixed it for now.
It remains a mystery why I was the only one seeing this problem.
I’ll wait and see what happens next time I publish a change.
Thanks for looking.