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Hello, I’ve just purchased RapidCart Pro to build my first e-comms website. Referring to the RW E-Commerce Course I learned how to use CloudFlare to enable https to my site. All fine in Safari however in Firefox I’m getting a message that the connection is NOT secure, more specifically “Parts of this page are not secure (such as images)”. The (hidden) URL for my store page is but the message is also happening in all pages of the site which are built using Stacks. Can anyone suggest a way to ensure that all content in a page is secure so that no warnings will scare off potential customers. Many thanks!

In the Console in Firefox your favicon and Apple Touch icon are coming from http:// so it looks like you may not have changed your site address to https in RW’s General and Publishing settings.

If you have set them to https, I recall there was a bug in RW 8 that may have caused this that was fixed in one of the 8.1 betas, although as I remember it was when one didn’t add any images for Favicons or Webclips, etc.

Thanks David, that fixed it :slight_smile: I’m still using RW7. Interestingly my ISP’s response to this problem was that I’d have to purchase an SSL Certificate from them;

“If your site is not loading with https and you have purchased the SSL from Cloudflare I am afraid this is not going to work as any site hosted on our shared platform cannot use a 3rd party SSL.”

Well I have a Green Padlock now so not sure what they are on about!!

Thanks again!

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Glad it helped. Probably your ISP just wants you to buy an SSL certificate.from them. These days so many hosts have free SSL certs, so you can always change to a host that offers free SSL certs if the need arises.

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I’ll name and shame them - Heart Internet. :rage:

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Wow - a Chili Farm in Scotland - amazing!

We cheat! Growing the chillies in a polytunnel :slight_smile:

Still amazing, maybe even more so for that.

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