No strange thumbs at the end of your YouTube movie

I know there’s a code so at the end of a YouTube movie you don’t see or get other thumbs from next movies or there’s no next movie that start from itself once the one you’ve put has ended. (it’s rather annoying if another movie of a rival starts just after your own movie)
I must have received a long ago this code but that’s isn’t the right one or the complete one I suppose: _

Hi Rik,

It’s just ?rel=0 at the end of the link to prevent the thumbnails from “suggested videos” at the end of the video.


Thanks it seems to be a bit the same at the end of the code as I do have now but without the autoplay.
The site is still in progress so I saw now that the code wasn’t present or copied in all the movies, that’s why I still had those suggestions on some pages.
So I think I’ll keep my first code since the movie does start automatically now.

Thanks anyway for answering my request. Have a nice day !

the site is here but as told ‘still in progress’

it’s an update of my very first RW site.
It’s been done with the HV-Cefalus theme, one of the latest great themes of Henk Vrieselaar, and as usual with the RWML stack from as we almost always do need 2 or even 3 languages in Belgium.

@fgrikI am not trying to bash your design decisions – just a friendly observation:

The explosion of sound in your auto-start video is super-startling, nerve-shattering and a total turn-off for me as a viewer. Perhaps you could edit the sound of the video to be several decibels quieter, for the sake of your viewership?

From the visual point of view, I like your site.

Just out of curiosity: how are viewers supposed to choose their language on your website?

Hi I didn’t know there would be a way to have that sound reduced from inside the RW drop. It would be a good approach to have a more quite sound of course (although the sound is maybe a reflection on the field :slight_smile: ) or maybe your Mac tune/sound in the menu is on his highest volume ?

If you look at all pages who doesn’t have movies or images there you’ll always spot the 3 circle flags where you can choose your language of choice. Once you did a choice the next pages will stay in the same language.
It was rather just a thought of deleting those flags on those pages as the images do have only a text in English and the movies doesn’t have text at all so I didn’t thought you needed any language approach on these pages…
That could be fixed quite fast so if it causes problems maybe I should do that…

Thanks for the reply !

Hi, Rik,

The audio would need to be edited in something like iMovie, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve or some other video editing app. I don’t think RW can do that (I have never tried to to even find this functionality in RW). To be honest, I would get rid of that machine’s noise altogether. If you need some kind of sound, why not replace the noise with a soothing music or something?

Yes, I found the page where I could choose my language. I have just about the same arrangement on my 3-lingual website that also uses RWML stacks.

I like your website. Hank’s themes are always interesting to look at…

Sorry but I think you’ve missed something here. That’s simply the sound those machines do produce so I can’t sample some other soothing or elevator music over to. Secondly those movies are taken by the client himself so I can’t tell him they are too noisy don’t I?
I do have Premiere but it would also take some time to do it all over again and reduce that sound and never the less if someone has just been listening to AC/DC and put his sound on a high volume we’ll have the same result all over again I suppose.

Yes I do love Henks themes as well !