Node.js + RapidWeaver + Wish List (^;

For a while now I have been working on a voice-enabled web app. I’ve known that in order to protect my intellectual property I would have to move some of my javascript to the server. I procrastinated learning Node.JS thinking it was too hard. I also thought that I would have to leave my beloved RapidWeaver behind.

Turns out I was wrong! Well, sort of…

While my current test app is simple, Node.JS certainly has a pretty good learning curve. Also, I will need to bounce between RW and a command line tool in order to continue development. For instance if I need to install new packages or view that content of files located in node_modules.

This brings me to a couple things being added to my wish list.

  1. When setting up publishing we can currently view the files and directories on our server. It would be nice to add a button for this next to the Projects, Themes, Media, and Snippets buttons.

  2. I would like to be able to preview the contents of the files on the server

  3. I would like a button that launches a simple command line interface to that I can npm install packages and run other commands without leaving RW.



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