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I have a few question about the future. Some time ago you had Ember, Clear, Typed and Rapidweaver. You also worked on DeepDreamer. I think you mentioned somewhere that you sold DeepDreamer. But now your new website shows only Rapidweaver. What’s going on with Ember and Clear? are those apps still being developed? A few years ago you also had Analog app and Courier app. Those discontinued as well.
You released RW7 a few weeks ago and it is a great update that makes building websites even faster and easier. But what about the future? You seem to be developing an app just to sell it to another company or abandon it with time. We already had a longer pause in RW (between versions 5 & 6) which makes me a little bit uncertain. Do you plan to develop Rapidweaver further? up to version 8, 9, 10??? Or will you at some point abandon this app? Will Joe Workman then take it over?


https://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts/the-rapidweaver-show/45 at 25:17

“Would it be possible to have RapidWeaver 7 sync a resorces folder inside the project folder with the server”

This is actually something that I miss so extreamly bad from DreamWeaver which I used often 15 or so years ago. I would use this feature all the time and am in need of this. I keep everything uploaded on the server and all sorted out in many folders. When I use RapidWeaver it is always local, until RapidWeaver 7 and even then it is pulls it all into the project and not sorted in the Finder in any useable way of course. I would like to keep adding resorces and not have to keep doubling everything that I may or may not use on my local machine. There are a lot of files that I keep sorted that belong to pages and some which might belong to pages in the future. So even with the portable documents I am still stuck using RapidWeaver 7 on one machine only. A minor problem but dropbox which I use is nearly out of space nor do I want to store everything in dropbox but rather on the server. In Dreamweaver I always pull down what I needed on my local machine and keep working (of coure they were quite advanced with check in and checkout features which I used even as a single user but could get along without if I just be careful to close things and not have the resorces open on multiple machines).

I guess part of the issue is that Dream Weaver always edited the native HTML instead of creating it all like RapidWeaver does. When I try to “Carivan” then unpack the portable document it just plops all the resorces in one folder not sorted at all which is not useufl since I have spent hours and hours sorting things in dozens of foldrs that match the file paths on the server. By the way I couldn’t find “caravanning” the RapidWeaver 7 manual (Dan you need to get on that) nor could I find “Portable” as is listed as part of the new features but not found in the RapidWeaver 7 manual; I did find it again after rewatching Ben’s great tutorial.

RapidWeaver 7 might not really be intended for keeping larger sites and things all sorted but even at a pretty small level it is nice to keep things all broken out according to the pages they belong to. When unpacking a website if it broke them all out according to the folder names they get uploaded to or a folder naming scheme in RapidWeaver when unpacked would even be very helpful. Sorry if that was too verbose but hopefully it makes sense and I am with Brandon Corlett if this is what he intended.

Just use this feature in Dreamweaver to manage a few websites and no doubt you will fall in love with it (or maybe not, but I sure have).


I am new to using a MacBook and your software.

I created my website www.deedjames.com and published it.

My homepage should show pictures for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but the images do not appear. Just boxes with question marks in them. The links to the pages work though!

Also I deleted a subpage and when I republished it was still appearing in the menu. How do I publish so that it takes into account any changes I have made?

Thank you.

They appear for me, maybe you updated it since this post.

To answer your question about the drink, I believe it may have been one that I made up and said they were drank out of Tutties (two big Tutties, to be accurate). But the term ‘tutties’ was a callback to something else entirely that I can’t remember. I will convolute all sorts of things to make a (subpar) joke.

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From listening to the last few podcasts ( and I do listen to all of them!) it sounds like the podcast’s future beyond a years worth of shows is in question.

I accept that it must be a lot of work for @ben and @dan to come up with something every week, but rather than abandon it completely could the format be changed slightly to make it less onerous for you to produce, while giving the podcast a bit of a re-boot?

This could simply by reducing the number of shows to either a one, or two a month, or by getting some of the add on developers involved to ‘guest’ on every other show to give an insight into their background and plans for the future. For the guest developer shows it would be good to still have @ben as the ‘anchor’ so he can keep things to the usual format and standard, but this would reduce the strain on Realmac resources while providing a platform for the add on developers, and potentially some of the long term Rapidweaver community members as well.

I know some of the add on developers have their own groups and forums, which is fine, but I think the podcast format is so easy to ‘consume’ it would help widen their potential customer base if they get involved with this podcast, rather than them potentially their own.

Feel for to chime in with other ideas and opinions, I’d like to see the podcast continue, but unless we support it and tell Realmac what we want I fear that it may peter out…



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I would love to hear you guys talk about my former post. I would love to know if you ever intend to keep the folder navigation found in the Finder show up in RapidWeaver and be able to choose what folders upload and don’t upload like Dreamweaver has done for years. I would mark local folders not for upload and vice versa. I have listened eagerly to the last two podcasts hoping you would talk about this again.

You posted this in June. No reply 6 months later!

This is a post for podcast questions. This was answered in quite a bit of depth on the podcast (sorry I don’t have the episode number handy)