Anyone interested in Node.JS Stacks?

I’m curious how many people would be interested in having the ability to utilize Node.JS for their websites. This would require some features being added to both Stacks and RapidWeaver.

If you are interested “like” this post and/or leave a comment. If there are enough people then I will propose the possible features updates to RealMac and YourHead.

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Are you talking about node.js in the development environment or on the web server? Most of the new open source editors/environments (Brackets, Atom, Visual Studio Code, etc) are built with and/or extended with node.js. Adding that functionality to the RW development environment would be great.
Since Node.js is executing JavaScript code server-side, don’t know how much folks would be able to use it.

That is certainly part of what I have been considering. It would require dedicated hosting. I have some stacks in the works that would allow for the install, setup, and management of a Node.JS server on a Raspberry Pi. This would allow for us to keep with the “no coding required” foundation of the community.

curious how RW and Stacks could play a role.

Installing node, running npn, writing JS code, debugging on the server, … these seem very distant from the core capabilities of our happy little RW community.

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Indeed, they are very different from what we have all been working with over the years.
It would really have to be thought out well so that we can keep things as easy as possible for the average user.

In Stacks it would be helpful to be able to add a stack to a page and not have any wrapper to it at all. Just plain text.

In RapidWeaver I would like to be able to synchronize files from the server into the Resources section. Even if it is just specific directories like “node_module”;

I am currently writing a bash script that will both install/configure a Node.JS + LAMP server as well as install a web control panel for the server.

With the Raspberry Pi being such a low cost of entry it would be practical for people to set up a dedicated server at home.

There are some fun things you can do with Node that I think people might like.

although those features are interesting it’s not clear to me that they have anything to do this node.

Stacks exports static HTML pages. I’m not sure there’s any way at all to make use of stacks — even tangentially, to help with node development.

Perhaps as a way to write mustache templates for your view controllers? I dunno. That sort of thing seems like a stretch at best.

But I’m all ears. I seem to be writing more and more node (and JS in general) — I’d love for a way to use my own tools to do that.

So shoot off those feature requests to the Stacks bug tracker. Since S4 is in active dev now it’s a good time.



As I’m learning more about Node the more I realize that I am going to need to leave behind MySQL databases and PHP. Two of the things that have provided me with the tools that I use frequently use in projects.

SiteLok, Total CMS, and EasyCRUD are some of these. With the long-term use of these tools not being practical for my specific development needs, I am required to begin looking at other tools designed to run on a Node server.

Right now I’m really interested in building some stacks for use with Passport. This will help control access to content through user management.

I will start with building out a demo project in RW using the HTML plugin and Stacks with just HTML and JS stacks. As I’m going I will draft out a plan for where the Stacks GUI could help out in providing an intuitive way to utilize and customize the code.

Let me know if I can jump in on the Stacks4 Beta Squad. :smile:

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Sounds good. As Isaiah said, RW produces static html code. From more interest would be a way to write SPAs with help of RW and leveraging REST APIs served by the nodejs server.

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@instacks yes! and i think that’s definitely something where stacks (or even other more laser-focused plugins) could help out.

does anyone have a favorite framework to use on the front end for building SPAs (Single Page Applications)?

Angular? Ember? Vue? or old school jQuery? or bare metal Javascript?

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React would be nice. That’s what a lot of the cool kids are using these days. So I’m told :wink:
SPA Capability would be pretty sweet.


@isaiah I was thinking that a plugin might be the way to go. However, that is a whole new world for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to assist with anything that anyone else wants to develop. Per usual I am more interested in the creation of the tools that will help me build cool projects rather than being the owner of the software.

Angular was the heavy hitter for a while but, like @klaatu, I’ve been hearing the React is where a lot of people are gravitating towards.

:slight_smile: I still have this jingle memorized.

yes, react… how could i forget… except because i can’t stand it :stuck_out_tongue:

but yes… it’s the latest thing. i seems like i have to use it often myself in projects i contribute to. it seems to have some real staying power.

ok, so what does that mean in terms of tools???


  • JSX transpiling
  • webpack
  • npm
  • grunt
  • yarn
  • (maybe) the FB react debugging tools
  • (maybe) the react local-dev server for previewing
  • (probably not) git deployment

++ some way to lay out and build up react views in a nice GUI visual way


unfortunately, all of these tools are actively hostile to being wedged into a GUI. :stuck_out_tongue: these communities really have a lover for UNIX and terminal gymnastics. :wink:

i think the first step would just be to attack the last item… perhaps a stack/plugin that exports JSX files. then a savvy user could push that through the normal React tooling flow.

step 2 would definitely be outside of stacks… perhaps RW, a new plugin, or even a separate app… something to help make the rest a bit less n00b hostile.

ok, who’s with me? who wants to build it? someone start a new git repo. i’m in! :raising_hand_man:


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I[quote=“isaiah, post:9, topic:17923”]
Angular? Ember? Vue?

Definitely Vue, that’s the most popular Framework currently :wink:

Unfortunately, my Apple Code knowledge (oC, Swift) is more than limited :disappointed:

+1 for React :sunglasses:

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Vue is also my favorite. And quite a bit more manageable – it’s not a “swallow the sea” type of framework that makes you give up everything else.

However most of the modular components available seem to be for React currently.

I see so much more focus today on using web-tech for building apps – both on web and on other platforms via React Native and Electron, that I’m not sure learning ObjC or Swift is really essential or even much of a business asset these days.
All the recruiters I get called from want React. Although Austin is sort of a Web/Social-Network hub, so perhaps that is a bit due to my own locale.

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