Not so nice hosting company

I thought I’d write this post as it might make me feel better!

I’d been hosting my personal websites with a hosting company in the UK for about 5 years, which was then taken over by another UK hosting company. They sent me an email quoting my new price which had gone up by 137%. I was none too happy and moved hosts. I mentioned this experience on Trustpilot and got a response from the CEO. He was none too pleased pleased.

I am also employed by a charity and part of my role is developing the charity website. Now bear in mind that my Trustpilot review was a personal review of my experience with this company. My personal email and my personal account that I owned and paid for. The CEO found my name listed in the charity account which was also hosted at the hosting company and sent a 30 day termination notice. The account is not mine, it is not registered in my name but belongs to the charity I work for which is fully registered and is also set up by the charity with this hosting company. My name is in the account because I develop the site for the charity. Am I wrong to feel this is somewhat vindictive?

I think that’s spectacularly vindictive!


Definitely sounds vindictive & poor business practice. However, given the price rise, perhaps your charity could do with a hosting move anyway?

I’ve just migrated them to another host. RW makes that fairly easy.

So there is no harm in naming them here so we know to avoid them?

Yes, they should be named and shamed!

For balance, if “naming and shaming”, post up the review you left.

(Not that I’m trying to suggest the action is justified).

I’m happier posting the Trustpilot link as this is only my perspective and their perspective has not been heard.

Interesting reading.

Cutting to the chase, it seems he took the opinion that he wasn’t willing to let you continue to use the subsidised church deal if you were not willing to pay for the regular service, feeling it was too high. Please correct me if I’ve read that the wrong way.

I’m not taking sides or agreeing or disagreeing with either party, just trying to get dig down and see what’s gone wrong.

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I think your understanding is correct. However, these are two separate accounts. My personal account in my name and a charity account in the charity’s name and under their charity number. One has no bearing on the other than my name being in both. I own one account, but am employed by the other. And my review was about my personal account experience. There is no requirement for a charity to have another full paying account. If you’re a charity you get charity pricing.

Understand that. As I say, I’m not looking to try to justify the approach they’ve taken or support the position you’ve got on it, just trying to understand the background.

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I didn’t realize there was another hosting company in the whole wide world other than chili dog. The best hosting company There is :blush:


@Macsterguy Thanks.

@svsmailus if you’re ever in a jam again, let me know. I’d be happy to help you and the charity.


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Can’t go wrong with Chilidog. They are a fantastic hosting company.


Just to redress the balance a bit re Krystal, not to deny or undermine the OP’s experience, I continue to find them an excellent host since being similarly “acquired” by the company when they took over my original host a few years ago. Although I was initially a little dismayed by an increase in cost this is by no means onerous (the OP’s original fees must have been very modest), and I have found them to be conscientious, friendly, reliable and very responsive when support is called for, and their whole company ethos seems to be very progressive and customer-centric. A pity the OP seems to have got off on the wrong foot with them.


I also like to say my experiences with Krystal have been first rate.
I moved my hosting to them earlier this year and found it an easy experience and their support quick and efficient. I was made aware of them via a post on this forum.
I too was attracted by their ethos and environmental policy.

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Thanks @barchard!

My costs were modest, but then that is why I hosted with the company I had the original account with. Even now my new hosting company is less than half what I would be paying with Krystal, and the service is good.

I have recommend Krystal on these forums before (although I wouldn’t now). My concern with their ethos is the CEO terminating an account that did not belong to me because of my personal review. By all means terminate all my accounts, but not one clearly belonging to and registered to a charity.