Reseller hosting company recommendation

Hope someone can advise…would like to ‘dip my toe’ into reseller hosting, but not really to make money, more to provide separate Cpanel accounts for ‘friends’ that I have made Rapidweaver websites for.
Think I really only need a max of 20 accounts…and nearly all are domains.
Any thoughts, recommendations grateful - and ALSO would need support to migrate over…

That business is one where about all you do is throw money at it…again and again!

Not quite sure what you are trying to say??

Unless you are renting space you have to continue to add hardware

Hi Joe…maybe I didn’t explain properly I want a recommendation about a reseller hosting company that I can use…it’s a minefield out there…so perhaps a company somebody has used…I don’t want to set up a business to provide the service.
Sorry if unclear

Always talk to @barchard about this :slight_smile:

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I would contact Chili dog

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What appeals to you about being a reseller? When you’re a reseller, you’re responsible for:

  1. When something goes wrong, it becomes your responsibility
  2. You have to do the set up and server configuration including PHP, backups, and security updates

Instead, I enjoy:

  1. supporting my clients directly
  2. making personal relationships with my clients
  3. handling all of the technical features that drive user’s sites

In my experience, users don’t necessarily want to deal with this. As a result, I have a reseller program, I offer an affiliate program that allows clients to spread the word of Chillidog Hosting

Your top dog,


I am so glad that is your issue!! Gregory Barchard

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The last thing I want is to have non-web devs having cpanel access.

I have a reseller account through green They are a USA based host and reseller. I do this for my web design clients as an add on and also provide domain name registration through enom.

What the others have said above are true. If the site goes down, you are getting the call. It is usually on a holiday weekend, and usually something the client did to screw up settings. I provide it to my clients because they like everything in one shop.

I have 25 sites on the reseller host and it costs me $300.00 per year.

Thanks everybody for the input…

Hi , I would recommend Krystal Hosting, they are based in UK and very have excellent support and I have been using them for a number of years


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Just sign them all up with accounts at

Yes, as @Figory suggests, you can certainly set up a new account under your billing account, get everything published and working, then set up a new billing account with your client’s name and email. Once this is done, let us know and we can move the hosting into their billing account.


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I’ve been hosting all new client sites with Greg for a good few years now. It’s quick and easy.

I use Fasthosts and have around 20 sites as well. Any problems are sorted straight away by helpful staff on the PHONE! Yes, you don’t have to spend hours replying to emails etc., just call them.