For those of you that host at GoDaddy (or are thinking of)

One of the reply’s on a Reddit post about the above:
I worked for godaddy. The place is a septic hole and it drains every last bit of joy you have for the work you do. It has insanely jacked up prices and it pushes call centers to prey on vulnerable people offering them things they don’t need or understand. Management did nothing but berate and belittle people for minor mistakes and wanted to suck every last second of productivity you had every single day. I hated it with such passion that I encouraged people to leave and change jobs and even stole some of the employees when I went to a different job. Just to get a picture of how bad was that place: When their branch closed 1,5 year later cause it was a shit show ex-employees held a goodbye party after that. Nobody from management was invited and we all drank for never seeing this diarrhea of a company.


Yeah. Add to that the recent bitcoin fraud scandal and you get the picture…

Any suggestions for who to host through?

I host all of my sites on Chillidog which is run by a RW-friendly developer.


DreamHost all the way. Excellent 24x7 support. State of the art knowledge base, if you prefer self help. Employe-owned , and data center located one hop from the backbone of the internet (Ashburn Virginia) .


Another fan of @barchard Chillidog.


Chillidog. Excellent support and good prices.


I mean, let’s not forget the whole “ceo hunts elephants” thing from a few years back. Their business model is to get you in (with cheap prices) then upsell you at every turn.

@gdl for those who are EU or UK based, I have EU servers with good connectivity to both regions :slight_smile:

@JoEm let me know how I can help. Happy to help new users get started. We offer free migration on our yearly plans of frankfurter and higher

Happy holidays all!



I use RW for a rental home site and use Chillidog hosting. Greg provides an insane level of support. My day job is a physician. If you aren’t using Chillidog hosting, you need to get an MRI with contrast now!


Thank-you! The host that our photo club is currently using doesn’t have a secure shell, so once I get through recreating the website, I’ll be addressing this with the board, which I’m on. Is there a way to force a shadow on headings and/ or text in RapidWeaver? I’m feeling a bit frustrated as the current website (created by me), is quite nice, and the one in RW is flat and boring. Is there a way/ place to add CSS or ??? I’ve tried inline CSS in the paragraph, but it doesn’t work, and I see no way to do it for the header tags.

Here’s the current website:

Also trying to figure out how to overlay my logo between the navigation bar and the body. I’m really not liking that I have to name my pages the way I want them to show on the Nav Bar. I really don’t like being so restricted from adding code where I need/want to. Any ideas?

Thank-you in advance!


Found the place to insert code in the Head tag!!!


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