How to rename a page

I am attempting to name a page, however when I publish it names it such as page 55 etc. I have done it in the past through settings however I can’t seem to rename any of them now. Any tips?

I usually just make sure that I have ‘Tidy Website Links’ selected in Settings, Advanced and then you can go into General Settings on the right hand side of Edit mode and type in a Folder name. RW will call each page index.html (or index.php) and you’ll end up with nicer URLs like instead of or whatever.


Hey @garyp,

Sounds like you’re after the “Folder” input under “General Settings” in the inspector.

Hope that helps,

@robbeattie and @ElliotEKJ

I have dome both of those however I still get this

How do I get rid of the page 12?

Should I under settings make it relative to web instead of page?

Looks like Page12 is the ‘Conservation and Education’ page and Fishingcampscholarships is a sub page under that. Can you go to page 12 in Edit mode and change the folder name to ConservationandEducation?

In fact, you should maybe think about making those names shorter - it’s more visitor-friendly.


Thanks so much @robbeattie