Offsite page not working

For some reason, I can’t get the offsite page (which is part of the Rapidweaver install) to work. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m using RW 7 and Foundation theme.

should go to

Here’s what my Rapidweaver settings look like.


It looks like you are trying in Offsite a secure page, https, into a non secure page, http. Secure pages don’t like to do that because they are secure and your page is not

is that … /c/ refering to your local drive?
what page has the actual link on it?
Tron is correct https -vs- http causes all kinds of grief

I’m redirecting to a Google Docs page in which the permissions are set to Anyone with the link can view.

Yes it’s https… I don’t understand why that would matter in this case if the permissions are set to anyone can view. I’ve done this for years and it always has worked.

This link goes to a WordPress site not a RapidWeaver site. Are you replacing a site?

http linking to https should work, problems going the other way https linking to http.

Yes, it’s going to a page not found on my Wordpress site. I own the domain and upload to that root directory. There’s also a Wordpress installation in that directory, but that should not make any difference.

We will need to see the page (URL) of where the link is coming from not the resulting 404 page…

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Doug. Here are some screen shots. The first shows my Rapidweaver project and the Google docs opening in the view mode in Rapidweaver.


The second shows my folder name for the Offsite page.


Thus it should open in

(For your information, I changed it to this link above (now in the root directory) from

I have another offsite page in this directory that is working okay. For example,

If you are linking from outside the outside:
a 404 would tell you that that page (index.html or index.php) does not exist.
I would use transmit (or another FTP client) to go and check.

Good point. I’m not seeing the volunteers directory in my root folder. I’ll try to figure out why.