Sitemap & Offsite Pages Question

I’ve got Rapidweaver 6.3.8 and have a few offsite pages. These offsite pages work absolutely fine from the site navigation, but not on the sitemap (generated in rapidweaver).

When trying to access the offsite pages from the sitemap, an “error 404” page comes up - I can’t see anything obvious as to why this is! Any ideas?

I have a couple of Offsite Pages on my site, the links in the Site Map work ok, but i am using the PlugIn page “SiteMap Plus” from LogHound


I am having the same problem. I have Rapidweaver 6.4 and I do not use stacks.

The offsite links on the sitemap page give me a 403 forbidden page.
They work fine in the normal site navigation, except I would like them to open in a new window, which is not happening even though I checked the box on the page General Settings to “Open in new window”. Help???

Under the Offsite options, where you add the offsite URL, would checking the box for “Use Redirect Page” help?

I’m using RW 7.2.2 and I’ve added some offsite pages today using the “open in new window” in General settings and it works.

Not sure about your sitemap issue, but I’m probably going to upgrade to Sitemap Plus soon if I can control what’s included in the sitemap and what’s not.

My offsite pages would not open in a new window, so I have hidden them in draft mode until I can upgrade my software. They also were not usable on the sitemap page. I may eventually just build a plain HTML site map page that I know will work.

I hope that Sitemap Plus works out for you.