One large Partial vs several Partials

Looking for comments on whether, for a bunch of similar single pages, it’s better to have one large partial with several unpinned editable areas or better to have several smaller partials, some pinned, some not.

I have lot’s of similar pages in some sections that now contain several partials each, and I’m thinking of making the entire page a partial with unpinned sections for the variable content.

Comments? html/php file size, css size, load times, etc… Would one be more efficient than the other?

(Question is more about page load speed, etc rather than ease of making/maintaning pages)

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IMHO, there will be no difference in size or page speed loading.


I think the only thing to think about is what will be changing on the page. If you know that all the content in the partial will always be the same in relation to itself, then one big partial is easier to manage. If you know the content might break into smaller edits (partials) at some point, then smaller partial might help. Of course you can override the single page if needed.

Thanks for the replies… I think you are both correct… As for page load, execution it matters not. Output is output. So the deciding factor I think is the page design/content itself.

Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.

I’m a partial addict and usually have a bucket load on each page, I’ve recently discovered that they can have an impact on RW performance so fewer partials will be a smoother experience whilst creating/editing a site but upon exporting/publishing all trace of partials disappears from the html/php pages so they have absolutely no impact on the published site.

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