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What is the difference if you make changes to just one page and you hit the Publish button vs. doing a right-click on the page and publishing page? Anything to do with web cache?

If RW export is working as it should I believe there is no difference UNLESS the change to the one page does in fact affect other pages. For example, if the change to the page is to add it to a sub-menu or sidebar it will affect other pages even though you changed just one page.

When I first started using RW years ago I did a LOT of publishing to local folder. I then examined the local folder to see exactly what RW did in fact publish. After watching this a while it because pretty obvious what was happening with changes and publishing. I now use “single page” publishing ALMOST exclusively as I have no blog, my nav doesn’t change, etc.

Another issue would be if you use Stacks partials. If you change a partial on one page then obviously you would need to publish all pages that contain that partial.

How you publish would have nothing to do with web cache. But prior to RW8 cache busting links were NOT generated if single page publishing is used while publishing entire site did provide cache busting links (if option is on). RW8 fixed that (At least for me) so I believe the two should work the same now if it is truly a one page change and RW marks it as a one page change.

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Thanks! Is cache busting links turned on by default in RW8? If not, how do you turn on?

Left hand Page pane at bottom. Settings then Advanced. There is a checkbox.

Thanks so much!

To verify output check your live html for something like below. Note the “rwcache” timestamp

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