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I’m currently using RW7, the original version of Pluskit (not the all new 4). I use Pluskit extensivly for the many repeated stacks on my website from the menus in the sidebar to ad placement. I only use Stacks / stacks.

I’m looking to make my website as a whole publish faster and keep Google happier.

I first looked at upgrading Pluskit, but Partials is looking very interesting. I tend to only update my website during my Summer vacation so I’m a little behind with new features.

I am cautious as my current configuration works. I don’t want to remake it and have issues.

I am leaning towards using Partials.

Are there valuable gains in terms of publishing and SEO?

Would these gains be amplified by upgrading to RW8? Besides Dark Mode there are no stand out improvements for me that I can see. I can happily create any website I wish with my current set up.

Thank you as always

It depends on what you want to include in other pages.

Generally speaking: all what’s Stacks based, try to put into a partial.

Other content not stacks based cannot be partialed. Maybe it’s good to rethink at this point your content.

It doesn’t much matter if RW7 or RW8: the Stacks Version is important, and the current 3.6 is available on both versions.

I cannot think of any difference in SEO perspectives. Using partials should give you better RW export and preview performance.

Hi Jannis,
The whole site is made with stacks. Over Xmas I condensed the best part of 200 pages into a handful of Poster pages which has made updating the site a whole lot easier. Likewise the blog is much easier to maintain.
Preview is certainly something I’d like to improve.
Looks like I might be able to improve things then without spending anything :slight_smile:

Thank you

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