One Page Site Theme?

I need a One Page Site Theme Template.
Any suggestions about it except CODEX by MDD?!
There are other Themes like this?
Thank you so much.

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Take a look at Screens by Joe Workman. You can see a demo of it here

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Sweep theme:

This won’t bring you in trouble…


Have you found any non RapidWeaver themes that you would like to base your design and/or features on?

You can build pretty much anything you want using Foundation, the Big White Duck stacks and Will Woodgate’s stacks at Stacks4Stacks.

What is your idea :bulb: of a one-page-design?

At the end, you could build that also with Poster Stack.

I need a one-page-theme not stacks… an alternative to CODEX by Michael David Design you know it?
I need a Template … one-page.

Thank you

Yes i know but Foundation is a blank powerful theme … but now i need a template one-page like CODEX by Michael David Design you know?!
Thank you.

I need to do a website like this:

Take a look please.

Thank you so much for your suggestions.

For a one page site you don’t need much in the way of a theme. For sure I’d try to find a free one. I’d consider a “blank” theme and just use stacks components to do what you want. You did say one page… right?

Here’s one free blank theme, check for others…

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What about this link makes it a one page site? I see more than one page…

Just wondering why NOT a stacks page??

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The menu on top works for the one page, the menu on the right goes to other pages. I do not know of a theme that does split navigation like that (at least one that does not use stacks).


Do you need and/or want CMS integration so you can just publish it and edit everything online?

Nick Cates makes a stack called Rails that can turn any theme into a one-page site.


Something like this would work as well. You could use Will Woodgate’s blank theme.

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Could you explain better please? How can i link Menù Pages to the one page section? If i want just one page? Thank you.

Do you suggest me CMS integration? and why?! Which one is compatible with all RW Themes? Thank you.

I just need an alternative to this template
something like that. Thank you so much

Which stacks should i have, to do a website like this ( template ) ?
Thank you.

This was done with the Foundation(JoeWorkman) + MagicGellan (BigWhiteDuck), SectionsPro(BigWhiteDuck), Impact (JoeWorkman) + Other stuff that whilst useful isn’t necessary (FontPro, Easy/TotalCMS,PopDrop)