One project on multiple Mac

Hello RW users.
I use RW for years on my iMac.
I bought now a Macbook Pro.
I would like to work on RW projects from the iMac and Macbook. Not at the same time of course :wink:
I have a Synology.
If I put the projects on the Syno, I can open them from there, work, save them, then open them again on another Mac.
Is this a good solution?
Any other marvelous idea? :smile:
Thank you for your help

Hey Dominique - I’m sure Sinology works, but it does not let you work in different locations. A very simple solution that has worked for me for several years - Dropbox

Put your sites folder on Dropbox, ensure that all machines have identical plugins and software versions and away you go.



But before you do, read this thread!

Mark, yes I agree your point - it is common sense really: open and use on only one machine at a time. Certainly not multiple users.

I have never seen a corruption from Dropbox on my systems and it has frequently been a lifesaver; returning home to see a minor site issue and knowing the fix is only a few keyclicks away on the laptop.

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Have to agree with @NickWB, have used Dropbox for years with RapidWeaver and have only had one issue, and it was my own fault, have the project open on two machines at one time. I can understand Realmac’s insistence of not wanting people to use Dropbox, as I am sure it is a nightmare for their support is something were to happen, but then that is on the individual, not Realmac for the issue.
If you are going to use Dropbox, be sure to follow the instructions I posted here, then you should have NO issue with it.


I agree with you - of course… Due Diligence, an’ all that :smile:

I carry my RW project files between computers all the time.

Just that - if you add something into

~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver

on one machine, but not the other, things could go wrong.

So you might think to yourself - “oh, I’ll just synch that directory via DropBox as well.”

That is a much greater risk!

I can access my Sinology from lan or wan.
So as it works the same way, i’d like to use the Syno :smile:

Thx Mark
Very usefull. But as I will use it on the Syno, and I am the only one to work on my projects, I will not work on both computers! :smile:

Thx all for your help,
So I will put my projects on the Syno. I can DL files from the Syno, then upload them…
Can I work on these files or should I DL them; work on them, then UL them? I guess yes!
So it is easier to work from Dropbox where I can open these files without DL them?
Am I right?