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I need to have a computer setup at church and one at home to maintain our church’s website
can this be done… where can the data be keep dropbox or iCloud?

how can rapid weaver be used on both computers.

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This has been asking multiple times on the forums and a quick search would have given you lots of info. I use Dropbox to share project files between multiple computers. Realmac (makers of RapidWeaver) will tell you not to use it, as it can (and yes it can) cause project file issues. If you read this little post I wrote about Dropbox and RapidWeaver here

and follow it to the tee, you will never have an issue. I have over 1300 project files currently saved on Dropbox that I have made for tests. None of them have ever had issues.

Hope that helps.

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I use OneDrive but I am the only person who maintain our organization website so I am not too worried about conflicts but I never had a file corrupted or go bad on me using cloud services.

Maybe it can be a feature request for next version RW to add a file lock so when someone already have a file open, it will add a lock and save it so the lock is sync to the cloud and anyone else opening it will get a warning that the file had been lock with an option to override the lock.

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