Online shop: keep in stock for sale number different from number of total in stock

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I have a client who wants an online shop to be able to do the following:

keep a total number of plants in stock but limit the number of plants that can be sold.

example: we have 5 plants in stock. We can only sell 3. even though we have 2 plants in stock those 2 plants can never be sold.

Is there a way of doing this with a rapidweaver stack/plugin?

Thanks for your support.

(Jason Bostick) #2

Just to be clear - they want to limit the total number one customer can buy? Or they want to never dip below a certain stock amount?

I’m pretty sure Rapidcart Pro allows you to set a purchase limit but I’m not positive.

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Hello @jabostick Thanks for the quick reply!

they want to never dip below a certain stock amount.

Customers can buy as much as they want but they can’t touch anything once the in stock number goes to 3 (for example). Once there are only 3 in stock then the ability to purchase is not possible.

My client has rare plants in his nursery that aren’t found anywhere else in the state and he wants to make sure that people are aware that he has these rare plants but not allow them to buy every last one.

Thanks for your support.

(Jason Bostick) #4

Rapicart Pro has online stock management. Couldn’t he just take the real stock number and minus 2? So, in your case above, the customer would only see 3 available, when there’s actually 5?

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yes but then we’d have to maintain to sets of data. One online (available for sale) and another offline (actual number in stock).

I suggested this but he said the database is too huge and too time-consuming to maintain two sets of data.

(Jason Bostick) #6

Depending on how the tracking system they use, there may be a simple way to get it automated (thinking like an excel sheet where column B is equal to column A minus 2, sort of thing) and then use that calculated number as what gets imported into your product list…

I can understand not wanting to keep two sets of data but, at the same time, if it isn’t available, it shouldn’t be part of the “in stock” amount. There are two sets of data, essentially.

Having said that, I’d drop an email to the Rapidcart Pro guys or the Cartloom guys and see what they say. There may be an option that I’m not thinking about.