Rapidcart Pro 4 - Item limit reached

(Jason Bostick) #1

I’ve been notified by a client that when you try to select any of the items in their store, an error pops up that says “You reached limit for this product”. Unfortunately, I just arrived at work and am not able to get to my Rapidweaver computer until this evening to investigate. Have any of you ever encountered this error?

On the stock management, all items are set to have 100 in stock and this is definitely a new error. I did do some updates to the store last night but it was just price changes…

The sites are:


(Jason Bostick) #3

Canadian, you SOB!


(Guy Woodland) #5

Just getting back in to rapid cart - the problem you experienced with “You reached limit for this product” how did you resolve it?

(Jason Bostick) #6

Not off the top of my head, sorry. I’ll try to remember to take a look at RCP tonight and see if I can recall. I did look at the email string I had with my client and it was quickly resolved so I think it must’ve just been a setting I hadn’t configured properly (as opposed to a bug).

We’ve since moved away from Rapidcart on that site thought so I can’t check the current setup…

(Guy Woodland) #7

Thanks anyway. I did find where you set the shop page you couldn’t use the full address ie www.domain name/Shop it had to be …/…/ anyways it’s working now.