Limit Yuzoolthemes Cart to Quantity of 1

Is there a way to limit the stock of an item in Cart to 1? I’m selling one of a kind items. The buyer can only buy 1. Is there another stack to do this? I bought Cart because I wanted a buyer to be able to buy more than one unique item from my site, but I don’t think it’s going to work that way.

Yuzool sent me a CSS code snippet to block out the quantity box in Cart. It works great.


I have a similar situation with the Yuzool Cart stack. Can you post up a copy of the CSS code snippet?

It might be useful to others as well.

Sure, I hope Zuzool is OK with me doing this. This is what was written to me:

"The Cart stack does not really support limiting the number purchases. I suppose that this when the stack was being designed (before I came along) this might have been seen as an unlikely use case.

If you simply wish to prevent the quantity spinner control from showing at all, you can do this by adding this CSS to the page which the Cart stack is placed on:

.minicart-quantity {
display: none;

However, this does not prevent users from clicking the button again which causes the cart logic to execute and another item is still added to the cart in the retail logic. This is evidenced when you look at the order price as it will be a multiple of how many times they click the button."

Thanks for that.

Not a perfect solution but definitely an improvement.


It might have been an idea to post the whole response though, rather than an abridged version. The part that was missed was where we said:

If you are interested in having us look at the feasibility of implementing some sort of fix then the best way to proceed is via Yuzoolthemes customisation services. You can find the form for that here:-

Just hiding the quantity control is not a good solution. The CSS for how to do it was only provided because you asked for a way to hide the quantity adjustment box.

We’ll definitely look at the feasibility of adding a ‘limit quantity to one’ feature to Cart though.

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I will add it when I get back home.

No need. All good :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated. It would be a great help for me and hopefully others.

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Thanks @bruce

Appreciate your feedback here on Cart Stack and after talking with @kryten we worked to get a quick update out to limit quantity of products to 1 so no more can be added to the cart, and the quantity box is also hidden:

Enable in Cart Enabler and you can also customise the above message:

This is available in Cart 1.8.5 via Sparkle updates and is a free update

Hope it’s useful :slight_smile:


Not only is it useful…it’s fabulous! Thanks so much for making this change/addition to Cart. It’s a perfect solution now for my sites no matter if I sell on offs or multiples.


Thanks @bruce and so happy it worked out :slight_smile: Glad we could help!