Online store with salesperson option

Hello, I have a site already set up with a basic store using PaySnap. Now my customer has asked for an option to be added that was never part of the initial scope of the site… when purchasing, the option to specify which salesperson sold them the product (there are 2 people). Even if it were just a place to type in a name. There is nothing in PaySnap and I see nothing in PayPal itself that helps. Is this even possible, even in a different product?

The only thing I can think of is duplicating the store and making it specific to the other salesperson.

Its a bit unusual but maybe you could add a dropdown paysnap option stack and have the two name choices in the drop down (like your half case/full case) Then label it "Who helped you today Mary or John?


Hey, thanks I never thought of that. I’ll present this to her and see what she says.

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