Paysnap and Stripe Shipping Workaround?

Hi Gurus,

Does anyone have a workaround to add shipping to Paysnap 3 using Stripe? I know that the stacks have this function for PayPal, and Stripe now has that function in their system as well. I did ask Mike (Yabdab) a while ago, and there were no current plans to add it. Wondered if anyone had worked out another route (and don’t say use PayPal, as they are getting more dictatorial with the T’s and C’s :joy:).

If not don’t worry, just thought I’d ask the question!

The best I ever came up with was to add shipping options as products, then to add a message to checkout about making sure the user added a shipping option product to the basket.

Not idea, but the best option I could think of.

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Hi Simon,

the workaround I use is this one:

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 09.13.15

“Order without shipment: €35”
“Order with shipment: €35*”

*Shipment fee of €7,40 will automatically added at checkout.

I worked with Cart3 where you can add a value to a button without showing this number. You’re free to add whatever random text in the button.
The first button has a value of 35, the second one has a value of 42,40. This works fine.

I haven’t tried it in Paysnap though…


Thanks Hans for your idea.

I think I can do something similar without difficulty with Paysnap.


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