Optimization for mobiles (Kiki theme specifically)

Hi everyone,

I made a website using the Kiki theme. I am having problems with the mobile version though and Google is ranking my whole website much lower because of that. How would it be possible to optimise the mobile version without making a completely separate website for all pages and redirect to them?

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is the URL just in case www.pianolessons-london.co.uk

Hi Natasha,

just took a brief look at your website on my phone. It seems your youtube movies are wider than the screen. As far as I can see that’s the issue.
I’m not familiar with the Kiki theme, but you should either check how you placed these movies or use the ‘don’t publish this stack on mobile’ option.



If it turns out that the videos are the culprit, you could run them through this which will add the necessary responsive code.


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Hi Hans,
Thank you for your prompt response.
The problem is not only that the videos appear in an oversized format on mobiles but that pages come up without divisions. The side texts appear before the main texts. The main paragraphs are not in the side texts. It’s just totally over the place. I am not sure how to tackle this problem.

Thanks. So the problem is the youtube code for embedding?

I have run the video codes through embedresponsively and updated the page.

Not necessarily. Some themes will make sure that embedded videos are responsive, while others do not. It doesn’t look like Kiki does, so this will sort that out.

As for the Sidebar content appearing above the main content on mobile devices, this is just the way the Kiki theme has been coded.

Thanks for your answers.

Is there nothing that could be done to amend the code so that the main content appears above the content of the sidebar on mobile screens?

I wouldn’t know how to do it. There is a KIKI PRO version but that’s sold as part of a bundle of other products and I don’t know if that offers the option to display the sidebar under the main content on mobiles. It’s here - https://store.yuzoolthemes.com/item/oak-bundle

Maybe @YuzoolSupport will be able to advise further.

I will check with Michael to see. He developed that theme. Kind regards,


From Michael:

Yes that’s possible if they change the theme code

Currently it’s not an option - at the moment the current Sidebar option is left/right or hidden

It could be added in the future. But for now you can do it by editing the code but this will be for mobile and desktop:

Duplicate the theme (right click on the theme and “duplicate”)
Edit the theme’s index.html in a text editor
Make sure the %sidebar% code appears lower in the page than the %main%
To make it work for mobile only will need also some CSS changes

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