Option to select supported features on host/server

I have a server that I publish to that doesn’t have php active and it would require a convincing argument for the admin to activate it.

So, it’d be really great to have a toggle to generate a warning pop up when any php content is added to the page. Currently, RW does a mostly helpful rename of the page suffix from html to php behind the scenes. I’m not sure of other server restrictions as I don’t publish to many servers but this idea could be expanded to a server preferences option to select features available on a server so that warnings are generated when content is being added that the server doesn’t support.


WOW, no PHP support… in this day and age??? I can understand MySQL not being available but PHP is almost a necessity these days unless you’re on a windows server… Perhaps you can change hosting companies?

But enough of that… I think your suggestion is one that would benefit a minority of website developers and hosts and although I see the benefits, I am not sure it justifies the development time at RMS .

If you’re research and be careful about the stacks you purchase there should be no issues with PHP as usually the stack developers state the system requirements for their plugins.

Food for thought.


it’s not the hosting company. sadly, it is the decision of the guy who pays the bill for the website.

I feel your pain… kind of in the same situation for one of my sites… does not want to pay for mysql… so much limitation…


So I had a chat with him about PHP. There is no extra cost to PHP, he simply doesn’t like the language, doesn’t trust the security of the language and doesn’t want it on his server. He’s a sr. java developer and feels rather strongly about this.