OT - Help w/ Terminal - textutil & pandoc rtf to markdown conversion

I found THIS on stackoverflow forum. Here is the command line itself:

textutil -stdin -convert html -stdout | pandoc --from=html --to=markdown

Can someone explain stdin and stdout please as opposed to actual file names? I’m guessing that if in Terminal and I am “in” folder named “ABC” (cd “ABC”) this will run on all html files in that folder? I can’t seem to get this to work and my understanding is not good enough to troubleshoot.

Any help/comments appreciated. If you know a conversion tool from rtf to markdown would you let me know please. I basically need to retain bold and italic tags from the rtf.

stdin and stdout refer to reading the file from Unix standard in and writing to standard out.

So in the example above I would replace -stdin with your filename you wish to convert. It apears that the sample comand is “piping” ! to another program called pandoc. Don’t thing thats a standard Mac terminal command, so you may need to install it.

Hi… thanks. Yes. I put in “hard” file names for input and output and I ran only the first half of the command and it did indeed work, converting RTF to HTML. The second half is for a pandoc HTML to RTF conversion. I do have Pandoc installed. I’ll test it separately also then see if I can put the two together. But I’ll probably just setup a macro to launch terminal and run the two separately with given filenames.

Could you expand on your statement:

stdin and stdout refer to reading the file from Unix standard in and writing to standard out.

I don’t understand where it would read from and write to… I’ve tried looking it up but it’s like everyone expects the reader to know what that means.

The stdin is usually your keyboard unless you pipe the input from another process.
stdout would go to your screen.

As for textutil and most terminal commands you can get to a manual by typing
man textutil

when done type q for quit.

Here is a good article with samples on converting with textutil:

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