Override Link Formatting

Can link formatting be ignored for selected text? In other words, I want some text to be linked to a URL, but I don’t want it to look like link text…blue and underlined.

You can always create a custom css link style, but how will anyone know to click it if there is nothing distinctive about it? It doesn’t have to be blue or underlined, but it’s good to have a different style for the hover state.

Thanks. I see your point, and I will considered another option. Is there a tutorial available regarding custom coding in RW?

You should be able to change what links ‘look’ like in the inspector tab of your project, the theme you’re using will have some presets, but you can override these and then save your theme presets for future use. Un-tick the ‘Use Master Style’ box, then once you’re happy with everything you can click on the cog beside ‘Theme Styles’ and save it.

I got the impression that you only wished to do this for some links. The custom CSS is simple, something along the lines of a.alternative {font-style: normal; color: #ff2807;} a.alternative hover{font-style: normal; color: #87b2ff;} where “alternative” is the class name and “font-style: normal” prevents underlining. You could take the colour definitions from playing around inside RapidWeaver.

The trickier bit is applying those styles. You can use a stack such as Joe Workman’s HTML Enclosure to wrap a another stack in a div, in this case adding <div class="alternative"> before and </div> afterwards.

Peter, you are correct. I did only want to change some of the links. I changed my page layout based on your observation that there’s no use for a link that the viewer doesn’t know to click, and now I’m happy with my setup for my links. I will need to work on learning to apply custom CSS in RW.

Good! Feel free to ask more questions. I see you’re very busy on the forum, which is a good idea.

I am new to RW. Bought it and Stacks2 about 10 days ago. Desperately want to get off the DreamWeaver bus! This forum has been a great help so far. Thanks to all.

Glad you got Stacks 2, Stacks 3 is coming soon and you should get a free update and it will be amazing!!
You can read about it here:

Same here Bruce. I just couldn’t justify Adobe’s extortionate pricing any longer. A bit like a Sky TV subscription - paying loads just to watch a few tv channels, which you can’t get any other way :wink:

I have to pay for an Adobe CC subscription to use InDesign, so I have the latest DreamWeaver but I prefer to use RW. If Affinity’s DTP program is as good as its Designer and Photo, I may be able to escape Adobe’s clutches altogether!


Hi, this is also my problem! I want to change the colors of my links only in the body and footer of the Tesla pro theme, but not on the main navigation! I don’t know how to do that!! Thanks for any help! Cristiana