Links some with underline some without?

I’ve a few pages on a clients website that, I‘ve got links with underlines on and links without, the client wants them all underlined, resetting the link appears to leave them still not underlined? What am I doing wrong?

I‘ve also a few red links, most are blue, how do I change the red to blue, as I can’t find any settings. Im working in foundry. Yours confused? :neutral_face:

This link may help you to add custom CSS, where the link text-decoration property is what you need.

The theme settings will usually dictate the underline, color of links, hover color and visited color.

Even in Foundry Lisa?

Marks Custom CCS (thanks for that Mark) have sorted the underline and I’ve got the colours now looking ok, is there any CCS to be able to override just one page and not have underlines? or is it all or nothing?
I’ve got boxes on the home page, see below, that I’d like to just have as link boxes without the underline. Cheers Jon

I use Foundation and set all that in site styles. Not sure about Foundry but there must be something similar.


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Didn’t realise it had all that tucked away, but have just found it in foundry. ;:smiley: Thanks Lisa.

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Yes: you would add the appropriate CSS into the Head portion of the HTML only on the page which you wanted to change. Good luck!

Thanks for your help Mark, all now sorted! :+1:

Congrats, Jonathan! Good luck :slight_smile:

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