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If you’ve got a question about RapidWeaver, or websites in general, let us know. @Ben and I will do our best to answer it on this week’s podcast :smile:

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Hi there,

I’m being exercised by the topic of spam at the moment so would appreciate a primer on avoiding it when building a RW website. There are some specific questions as well.

  1. It’s been implied elsewhere in the forums that RW’s built-in ‘hide email address’ in Settings isn’t really effective any more. Is that the case and if so, what’s the safest way to add an email address to the footer?
  2. If you’ve accidentally added an unprotected email address to a page, is there any hard-and-fast rule that says it will be picked up by spammers or not?
  3. Once an address has been harvested and you start to receive spam, is that it? Is that address doomed to be spammed into the ground for all eternity? Or is there an ebb and flow to these things?
  4. Aside from obfuscation using tools like Doobox’ Secure Mailto Generator are there are any other tried and tested ways to protect and email address? And is there anything you should be doing server side?
  5. Finally and most important, is spam simply part of the cost of having a presence on the web and do people just have to put up with it?



Thanks Rob, we’ll do our best to answer this! :slightly_smiling:

Here are a couple of questions that I keep wondering about

  1. Does it matter if you have a stack that is described as a php stack and you give the page that stack is on the html extension for the file name? I did just that and my page seems to come up just fine which is why I’m asking this question.

  2. In “site settings” is there a way to have the Copyright 2015 automatically update the year on all pages without having to go into every page and change it? As far as I see, when you make the year change in the Site setting “footer” it only makes the change on the home page.

Thanks Dan and Ben

Mary (aka BP Equine = bpequine)