No emails coming from contact form

Hi, I am using the latest Rapid Weaver and have an existing site built through it that I have just amended slightly.
The contact form has stopped working even though I have not amended this page. I have added another contact page type form for T&C acceptance and that doesn’t work either. I have done a different email address on the new form too.
Previously, for some reason, any contact came into my junk filter, but not a problem as I have a seperate email client checking that. Now I am getting absolutely nothing in any mailbox.
Any ideas? I’m not a big techy person, so please be gentle.
website is

I don’t know how you’ve set up the form, so I’ll just add some info about the nature of forms. I hope this helps:

  • Your mail-from address needs to match the domain on which you’re hosting the site. It must be If you’re sending from, it will fail. The server might send it, but receiving mail servers will treat it as spoofed email.
  • You need a TXT-type SPF record at your web host. It’d look something like this: v=spf1 ~all. That tells receiving mail servers that your web host is allowed to send mail on your behalf. Without that, most receiving mail servers will reject your email.

Thanks for your reply.

I have been using a matching email address. Had an enquiry Thursday and Saturday all fine except going into junk.

I have previously had to amend the TXT (advised by hosting company) to
“v=spf1 exists:%{i} exists:%{i} -all”

They have responded today regarding this current issue with the following that confuses me:

Because PHP is a script language you might notice some of the emails you send are not delivered or treated as spam.
In general most servers have anti-spam protection that is checking if the message is a script one and if it is it marks it as spam and sometimes does not deliver it.
In order for you to avoid this from happening you can simply use SMTP settings. That way you are not sending the mail as a script message and the servers do not detect it as spam.
I would highly recommend considering using a SMPT plugin or just adjust the contact form to use it rather than php.

I almost noted something similar, but was hoping what I wrote would be enough to improve your outcomes. The Rapidweaver contact form does not support SMTP. You’ll need to use a stack. There are many that will work.

SMTP uses a valid email address to login and send a given email. PHP’s mailer function does not. The address might exist. It might not.

SMTP has additional benefits. Email can be sent across the web encrypted…It’s then decrypted by receiving mail servers. That’s not possible with your host’s PHP mailer.

When you update your form to use SMTP, you should add a DKIM record(s) in addition to your SPF record. Your mail provider will tell you what to add through their help documentation.

Thank you

Do you recommend any particular stack?

Its only a simple form but with buttons and text fields and its only for my site, not to build others, so I really could do without spending £50 etc

Were you using Foundation 1 or 6, I’d suggest the included form stacks. Foundry might have one as well.

Your best value is probably Chillidog’s FormsPlus. It’s $30. Formloom and FormSnap are both $50. While Formloom is new, I’m not sure that FormSnap has been updated in a while.

I’m using a theme called cardinal. Not sure what you mean by Foundary

[Foundation][( and Foundry are both frameworks. Foundation 1 uses Zurb’s Foundation version 5.x. Foundation 6 uses the newer Foundation version 6.x. You wouldn’t buy Foundation 1 now.

Foundry’s name a tad confusing with Foundation, but it actually uses Bootstrap. If you got Foundry, you’d buy v2, which I think uses Bootstrap 4 Alpha. I could absolutely be wrong on that though.

Foundation and Bootstrap are both great frameworks, but you wouldn’t be using them is you’re using the Cardinal theme.

Maybe consider the HTML Contact Form from Doobox?

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Thanks again. Very informative. I’ve just bought FormPlus Stack. Now to try to work out how to install it and use it!!

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It doesn’t look like that supports SMTP.

It’s just a nightmare. I’m really disappointed with RapidWeaver for this reason. The standard form offers all I need but doesn’t work and I can now see by other posts that its a long term issue.
Chillidogs FormPlus didn’t work and is far too complex. Unfortunately I bought it after you let me know that would be the case robbeattie but thank you anyway. I’ve now spent too much on the software, Themes and Stacks. I might just aswell pay someone to do it.
I was a graphic designer for 21 years, but I’m not subscribing to Adobe and things have changed since 2007. I had hoped things would have changed for the better and be easier now.

FormsPlus will work. I added a screenshot with the important sections related to SMTP. A mentioned in my reply to @robbeattie, it doesn’t looks like the Doobox contact form supports SMTP. When you say it doesn’t work, what’s not working?

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Hi @FreedomSOM Happy to help you get started with FormsPlus! Please send us an email at support@ and we will happily answer any questions you have. As @Anonymous pointed out, FormsPlus does support SMTP for sending emails. FormsPlus uses Templates to send messages. This allows you to define as many different emails as you’d like (for example, 1 custom message can go to a sales group and a different one to a support group).



I am having this exact same issue of not being able to receive emails from my contact page at:

• I am using Chillidod Hosting
• Using RW (Version 8.6.2 )
• Built in RW contact page
• MultiThemes - Plan theme

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Your cause of your issue may mirror the one I posted earlier in the thread. Regrettably, I don’t think the built-in contact form is of much use anymore.

Thank you

Do you recommend any particular stack?

Its only a simple form but with buttons and text fields and its only for my site, not to build others, so I really could do without spending £50 etc

If you have Foundation 1 or Foundation 2, you can use the built-in Forms stacks. Otherwise Chillidog’s Forms Plus is the way to go.

Thanks for your replies. I am getting it re-designed professionally as its just not something I have time to sort myself.
Anonymous Coward… for your reference, FormsPlus is not suitable. I purchased it and ended up gettng a refund. You can not do a single page form or one simplistic enough for my requirements. I am sure it is fine for other applications

That was confirmed with support from Chillidog

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