Padding around Cartloom buy button

Despite all the effort done by Nick and Mike from Cartloom, I am experiencing something strange on my page:

with Cartloom embedded buy buttons; They add randomly by themselves extra padding
at the bottom, whilst in the RW project on the Foundation 1 Column stack I have set the padding to:
Top: 15, Bottom: 15, Left: 15, Right: 0. In RW preview it looks like I want it, but after Publishing…

The buy buttons are in a HTML stack.

Anyone recognize this and knows have to solve?

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A short term fix might be to just change that bottom value from 15px to 10px. Seemed to work for me. (Though I realise it’s not a very elegant solution).


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Hi Rob, Yes I already tried this fix, but still the issue remains.

It seemed to work when I tried it in Chrome inspector.