Conflict with Cartloom Buy Buttons

We’re building a site to sell freeze dried food.

Anyhow, everything was going fine, however once I added the Cartloom buttons from the snippets provided at Cartloom, the page will no longer function when viewed on an iPad. The page will reload, slowly, multiple times and afterwards the page greys out with a on screen message that states, “A problem repeatedly occurred on safari ipad…” and shows the URL for the page.

After searching online, it seems to be a javascript conflict with safari. I’m not sure how to go about alleviating this issue, but I sure could use some help.

Here’s where the test website is nested:

I am aware that the sort buttons are in the way. :slight_smile:

Do you see any issues when using a desktop device?

I have not tested on iPad yet, but everything works well in Mac Safari.

No issues on desktop. This only seems to be isolated to safari on iPad.

Still not having any luck. Haven’t had any luck with Cartloom support either. ANY ideas on how to resolve this would be appreciated.

And iphone

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I’ve just tested on an iPad and unable to find a problem. All seems to work ok.

The only niggle I have is after adding an item to the cart, it would be good to have a “continue shopping” button as the focus seems to be on “paying by credit card” button. Granted you can click on the cross but some may not find that obvious.


@RLyons116 as I stated in my reply to your support ticket, I do not see any issues when accessing your page with an iPad. Everything works as it should. I would love to fix this for you, but cannot do so unless I can see it for myself.

You said it was happening with devices in your household, does it happen anywhere else?

Thank you very much for your help so far. It is appreciated.

Have had the issue with iPad Mini 4 with iOS13, an iPad Air 3 with iOS12, and the iPad at the office which is also a iPad Air 3, with iOS11. The iPad loaded with iOS11 didn’t crash, when I tried 15 minutes ago, it had some formatting issues (which has nothing to do with Cartloom), but otherwise functioned to some degree.

Also, not having issues with a single buy button on a page. It’s whenever there are multiple buttons.

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