PADDYTesters required

(Gary) #1

Looking for a few users to test a new PADDY stack I have almost ready to go. If you are interested and already use PADDYstacks, reply here and I will send you the beta stack via PM. Thanks

(Stuart Marshall) #3

I’ll test it too Gary.

@SteveB you’ll love foundry.

(Gary) #4

@SteveB You are in for a treat with Foundry

(Gary) #5

Thanks. I am making a demo project and will PM a link tomorrow sometime.

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Gary: I may have time to test out the stack this coming week. Using Foundry also. (Although I’m not sure this new stack is Paddy-specific.) If you have enough testers that’s fine, but I’m also willing to help out a bit if that would be useful.

(Gary) #7

PM’s sent.

Thanks all.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #8

Me too Gary, next week :smiley:

(Gary) #9

Thanks PM sent …

(system) #10

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