Page not displaying nor some subpages

Using Rapidweaver Version 8.2.1 (20758) and the latest versions of Stacks and Foundation with the Voyager Theme. The site is this.
Problem 1:
If you go to the menu and select “Special Sets”, all that happens is that some (but not all) sub-pages are displayed. When selecting “Special Sets”,this page should display - it’s obviously there!
Problem 2:
Not all subpages are displayed- there should be 5, but only 2 are displayed in the navigation. For example, this should be shown in the menu, but isn’t. Once again, the page exists.
I’m sure the issue is user-error, but I cannot see what - anyone have any ideas?
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It doesn’t appear that you are using Foundation, and if you are you need to use the Foundation theme.

as for the Page “Special Sets” (a Parent page) many themes in rapidweaver use parent pages as nothing more than a “toggle” to open the menu. This is kinda “theme” dependant, but most that offer dropdown menus do it this way. You can make the toggle page an offsite page that goes nowhere (# as URL).

This one appears in the menu of the page you listed but not on the home page:


I would try to republish all files and see if that helps. It’s really hard to say since you have pagesafe running on the other subpages, can’t look at the sub-navigation from them.

Many thanks for the time you took to check out my questions!

  • I did some testing with the Voyager theme, and as you suggested, as soon as you create a sub-page, the parent becomes a menu place-holder.
  • Re-publishing the entire project solved the subpage display issue. Each time I add a subpage though I have to re-publish all. A bit of a bind, but I don’t create subpages often, so it’s a solution.
    Thanks again, Andrew

you have to republish all because the navigation changes on every page.

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thanks for the followup - makes complete sense.

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