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Hi everyone. Spanking brand new to the forum and to RapidWeaver.

I recent created a website, using RapidWeaver. The home page of my site is the, foundations stack. The other four pages, I used the theme, Realmac Software ‘06. After publishing the pages the blog page was missing. The “Blog”’ title was in the menu bar, but in its place was a duplicate home page.

I transferred the files many times, just can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @talrmde

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have a link to your published site? It always helps us to troubleshoot issues if we can see what’s happening first-hand.

In the meantime, Foundation stacks should really be used with the Foundation theme. Are you aware of this or are you using two themes for a reason?

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Thanks for your quick response. http://www.brwnboystudios.net

I’m very, very new at building website, my first time. There is a lot that I don’t understand as of yet. So when putting the site together, I didn’t see that the foundation stack had a blog page. So that’s the reason for the mix and match.


If you look at the URLs of your two pages in your browser’s address bar, you’ll see that the page you are calling Home is not actually your homepage. Its URL is http://www.brwnboystudios.net/page1/. Your homepage should be http://www.brwnboystudios.net/ — which you’ll see has been assigned to your Blog page.

If you look in the left-hand column of the RapidWeaver window where your pages are listed, you’ll see that your Blog page has the ‘home’ symbol to the left of the title ‘Blog’. To set your Home page as the real homepage, right- or control-click it and in the contextual menu select Set As Home Page.

Save and Republish All Files, empty your browser cache and refresh the page, and see if that has corrected the issue.



It worked!!!

Thank you very much. I appreciate your quick response.

I’m currently a member of the RapidWeaver Classroom. There’s a lot to learn. The videos are super helpful. I’ll continue watching and learning so that I will get better.

Thank you,

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Wise man. RapidWeaver Classroom is a great resource for all skill levels of RapidWeaver but especially beginners, who can really get a solid overview of the power and potential of the whole product which can’t be fully grasped or appreciated any other way. Last count, Ryan had more than 400 video tutorials covering just about everything except the mating habits of the Lesser Spotted Content Slider.


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I’m actually working on that tutorial now! :wink:

@talrmde - Glad to have you and it’s great to hear you are finding the training to be helpful!

RapidWeaver Classroom

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My understanding is that Foundation doesn’t support the RW blog page type. You’ll need to use a stack like Joe Workman’s Tumblr stack paired with a Tumblr blog or Loghound’s RapidBlog plugin and import it using PlusKit.



Thanks… I’ll certainly check it out.