Pages you can only access through thumbnails on a page

(hayden irwin) #1

Hey guys,

I’m trying to put thumbnails into a page that will then link to another page for people to view. But do not know how to get the page’s link. or how to hyperlink it, i’m use to using dreamwever and just adding it in as html with the file name is it the same as that? and if so how can i add a thmbnail in just as html like can i say file x.jpg and it shows up in pre-viwe:/.

Any help would be great thanks

(mark hunter) #2

If you are new to Rapidweaver can I suggest you take a look at these free video tutorials.

Adding an image using html will work in Rapidweaver, but that isn’t the easiest, or generally the best way.

The most basic way to do this is using a Styled Text page, simply drag the image you want to use as a thumbnail onto the page. You then go to the > Format, >HTML, menu you can align the image Left or Right of any text you have. To add a link to another page select the thumbnail image, right click and choose the “add link” option from the menu, select ‘page’ from the first drop down and select the page you want to link to (which you should have already created).

Hope this helps getting you started, but I strongly suggest you take a look at the free tutorials available, because Rapidweaver is different to Dreamviever and you won’t get the most out of it if you try to use it in the same way.



(hayden irwin) #3

Hey @mark thanks for the help was really easy to do and am thinking why didn’t I see that lol